Co-Founder Message

When people think about the city of Umeå, they tend to attribute several idiosyncrasies to it such as the city of birches and the land of midnight sun. I endeavor adding one more hallmark with Umeå—The City of Cricket.

I wish to see Umeå as a regional, national, and even an international city of cricket… the city where people from all ages and walks of life get to know/understand one another, make social/network ties, have fun, and of course enjoy watching and playing the fabulous game of cricket.

I can also foresee the unique advantages of having a good cricket ground in Umeå. After watching the video, many teams from southern Sweden have already shown keen interest to play midnight sun cricket in Umeå. We can organize several tournaments during summer.

I believe that by having a ground that meets the international cricket ground’s requirements with adequate advertising efforts, Umeå could potentially host a number of international matches as well. “Midnight Sun Cricket in Umeå” for instance could be a great advertising campaign to attract the attention of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the cricket community worldwide. If done successfully, it would make Umeå as the favorite hotspot of cricket and, of course, that would in turn contribute to making it truly “The City of Cricket”

Tatbeeq Raza Ullah
Co-Founder & Ex President UCC